1. UltraSHINee.

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  2. Key getting caught with his hamburger:)

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    that awkward moment when you’re shopping for refrigerators and you’re disappointed because the store doesn’t have any that have that cool door that pops open.. aka fridges likes in all the dramas…..

  5. Shinhwa’s Minwoo’s n°1 Fanboy (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

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  6. goonbae:

    your man when cooking:


    my man when cooking:


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  7.  Lee Hyeri everyone.

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    Shindong’s Face XD

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  9. "…imma kill them *beep* bugs like a real real man”, he said…

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  10. shinee teaching you how to eat in class

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  12. Shit Kris says

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  14. R.I.P EunB. You really are beautiful. Heaven has gained another talented angel. 

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    i took a simple shower & now my whole dash is this fcking taemin meme

    when you shower then come back and your entire dash is the taemin meme

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