1. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but please keep the 16 people that died/were injured at a 4minute concert in your thoughts.

  2. Heartless Joon squishing Mir's bug ⊙﹏⊙

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  3. a pretty good damn reason to buy jay park’s new album

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  4. thunder constantly being told to stop touching himself

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  9. you sure know how to handle an awkward situation, leo. (・_・”)

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  10. kpopinstagrampictures:

    strong_chan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zelo With @yjayo @m_jup

  12. steal his look: royal azalea boy.

    gucci slim fit cotton shirt - £215

    ventuno 21 satin skinny tie red - £15

    fred perry black sweater vest - £61

    florist rose bud in red - £1.78

    steel intelligent quartz fly-back chronograph - £123.07

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  14. kpop boygroups beauty appreciation post

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  15. ailee getting a surprise call from taeyang

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